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Your personal farmers...

With a Passion for Hyper-Local Food

Recent transplants to the Mohawk Valley, Hardscrabble Hill Farm is a fresh, new farm on Hardscrabble Road in the Bridgewater/Cassville area just off Route 8. After running a successful microfarm in Denver, CO, Robin and Matt continued to pursue their desire to own a small piece of land where they could continue to grow. While they recognize they are new to the region, their intent remains strong to embed themselves into the local community, and continue to support those around them so that all may foster an appreciation for home-grown, hyperlocal food, in a way that supports the environment.

Hardscrabble Hill Farm relies on micro-agricultural practices that are rooted in promoting optimum soil health by focusing on No-Till methods. The goal is to maintain a small footprint, and allow the rest of the farm to remain as wild as can be, so that an ecosystem can be developed to encourage resiliency in the gardens. A focus on soil and root health leads to stronger plants that are more capable of defending themselves against pests. A healthy soil readily makes nutrients to the plants more available, promoting healthier, and better tasting produce. Encouraging the development of ecosystems allows nature to establish a balance within the gardens to maintain a place where all living creatures can participate in the ecological processes that resemble a healthy habitat.

These practices rely on the absence of synthetic chemical applications and the minimization of soil disturbance. Additionally, our gardens rely on the presence of natural hedgerows and plenty of forethought into their layout. The application of additional opportunities for wildlife to find their way to the farm further bolsters the habitat that is being created.

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Your Growers

Here to produce food for you!

Farmer Robin

Robin grew up on a large farm in Illinois, cultivating her passion for plants and animals at a young age. A "retired" animal caretaker, Robin has also managed her own gardening business for several years, designing, installing, and maintaining gardenscapes utilizing only hand tools. Working with animals provided her with a firm understanding of protecting the natural world, and she seeks to incorporate that into her farming practices. Robin, along with some help from her trusty dogs, Olive and Poppy, brings a hard-working attitude coupled with an uncanny affinity for plants to craft some delicious produce just for you!

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Farmer Matt

Matt grew up in South Carolina, and always had an affinity towards animals and plants. He could often be found at a young age, in the garden, helping his mother out or taking care of the neighbors’ pets. He, too, became a professional animal caretaker, dedicating his adult life to the wellbeing and conservation of animals. Now a "retired" animal caretaker, Matt recently moved into a student career development role at Colgate University helping students navigate their career exploration specifically in STEM and sustainability fields. He is a relative newcomer to growing food, but that has only encouraged him more to dive in head-first and learn as much as he can. Building soil health, growing food, and instilling a sense of community are all passions of his that he hopes will support your health!

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